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Quick, Painless And Easy Camping Recipes

Camping now and then is good for you. The fresh air, the sky, the stars, and the trees are great breaks from the urban jungle that we live in. However, even though camping is a great activity it does pull you away with the technology that makes life a little convenient. The heater, the air-conditioning, the stove, etc. cannot be carried in a backpack. And as a result, you will have to contend with what you have with regards various activities like sleeping and cooking. However, camping does not mean you have to be tied with bland dishes. You can have a scrumptious meal with a few quick, painless camping recipes.

Some of the basic meals you can prepare during a camping trip include hard boiled eggs and bacons for breakfast. Fish or chicken partnered with some boiled potatoes for lunch or dinner would be a nice treat as well.

The key for camping recipes is simplification. You can get your favorite meal then get the core ingredients, think of how you can transport the ingredients in the smallest available storage space and youíre ready to go. Camp meals are all about how much you can carry comfortably in your backpack.. Youíre not going to cook inside the convenience of your kitchen. But rather, you will be working outside, on the grass and using firewood or charcoal. With this in mind it would be best to keep your recipes simple. Make something that you will just have to place on a skillet or frying pan all the necessary ingredients and let it cook.

For example, you can add some flavor and zing to your bacon if you add some onions, salt and pepper and add milk and eggs. That may sound a bit weird but it tastes pretty good. Add potatoes or mushrooms (or both) for a fuller meal and youíll have a hearty breakfast that will keep you pumped up until lunch.

When you plan to cook fish over an open camp fire, you might want to remember packing aluminum foil with you. The foil will help protect the fish from being burned. Camp fires, when youíre not used to it are not as easy to control as a burner stove where high, medium, and low heat can be set with a dial of a knob. Before you wrap your fish in foil, you can add some onions, pepper, and even garlic inside it to add flavor. If you have some lemon with you squeeze some on the fish. Remember to pack the aluminum foil and other non-biodegradable trash for that matter back with you if you donít see any trash cans at your camp site.

Grilling is a good way to cook over a camp fire and a good way to interact with your family as well. It is a social activity during a camping trip that both the kids and adults seem to enjoy. You can grill hotdogs or roast marshmallows over the camp fire. But what you can also do is pack some sausages with you and grill them for dinner. Pack some buns and ketchup and mustard as well. Go with pre-cooked sausages. You will spend less time cooking them on the grill, since youíre basically just heating them.

A quick, painless camping recipe involves being prepared beforehand. When you bring your food with you during a camping trip, it is best, of course, to prepare them before hand for faster cooking. For example, if you are bringing vegetables make sure they have been cleaned and cut to the desired sizes.

This way you will have more time enjoying the food rather than preparing and cooking them.



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