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Quick And Easy Appetizer Recipes

Letís say you have a get together at your place. This means that you have to prepare some food to feed to the guests. If you want to impress them during their visit, here are some quick and easy appetizer recipes that you can use.

The first is tortilla chips. To do that, you will need some corn tortillas, lime juice, ground cumin, chili powder and salt.

Since you will be baking this, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit while you cut the tortilla into 8 wedges similar to what you would do for a pie or pizza and then arrange the wedges in a single layer on a cookie sheet.

If you have mister, good because this will make it a lot easier to mix the oil and lime juice. If you donít, you will have to work with a spray bottle. When the mixture is ready, spray this over each chip wedge until it is moist. Next, combine the cumin, chili powder and salt in a small bowl and sprinkle on the chips by hand.

Bake the chips for about 7 minutes and then rotate the pan and bake for another 8 minutes. Make sure this is not too brown and then serve this with your choice of garnishes, guacamole or salsas.

For those that have done this before and want something different, they can try and serve buffalo or chicken wings. The ingredients you will be needing for this include a few pounds of chicken wings, black pepper, salt, vegetable oil, butter or margarine, Tabasco sauce and white wine vinegar.

First, chop off the tip of each chicken wings and get rid of it. Then chop the wing in half so you have 2 pieces. Next, grind on fresh black pepper and sprinkle with salt if desired.

Since this is not yet cooked, put these into the deep fryer until it is golden and crisp while you are stirring or shaking occasionally. When ready, remove and drain using paper towels.

Now melt the butter or margarine over medium heat in a heavy saucepan, add the hot sauce and a tablespoon of wine vinegar. When ready, put the chicken on a warm serving platter and pour the sauce on top.

If you want to keep things simple, you donít have to bake or cook anything. The only thing you have to do is bring out different kinds of cheese so everyone can try them out. Such an activity is known as a cheese tasting party. To make it interesting, put the cheese varieties with some crackers but be sure that it does not dominate the flavor.

The cheeses that are ideal for such an activity include Bel Paese, Boursin, Abbaye de Belloc (a rich French cheese), Fontina, Gouda, Havarti, Mozzarella, Port du Salut, Scamorze, and Swiss. Of course, there are others out there you can try if these are not available so have fun buying different kinds from the store and serving this to your guests.

These are just a few of the quick and easy appetizer recipes you can serve to your guests when they come over so read up on new ones and then experiment a little so it is not the same each time. If you enjoyed the appetizer during your visit in another house, get the recipe and learn how it was done.



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