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Black Tea Is Also A Health Drink

Tea is a good health drink. While some prefer Green Tea, did you know that you can get the same benefits by drinking Black Tea?

This is because Green tea and Black tea come from the same plant. In fact, there are two other teas that can also be made namely oolong and white tea. What makes these teas different from one another is simply how it is processed.

If you drink Black tea regularly, you will have healthy arteries and increase your blood flow because it has antioxidants known as falconoid that also give the tea this rich flavor. Your cholesterol levels will also drop, you can protect yourself from certain cancers, develop stronger bones, have fresher breath and fewer cavities.

Just like coffee, Black Tea contains caffeine. The difference between the two is the fact that a cup of Black Tea or any other only contains 30 to 40 mg. of caffeine while coffee contains about 135 mg.

Another benefit of Black Tea is the fact that it is calorie free. However, this will only stay that way as long as you donít ass any sweeter or milk which canít be helped since tea tastes bland without these additives.

Heating is important to get the most of a sachet of Black tea. This is because the heat helps the tea leaves impart their taste to the water. To do that, you have to set the sachet in the kettle for 2 to 3 minutes before pouring it into the cup.

For those who decide to put the sachet straight into the cup, take out the bag first before drinking to prevent it from sinking to the bottom. Nothing bad will happen if you donít except that when you are almost finished with the cup, the tea bag will probably land on your face.

If you donít like the taste of Black Tea and want to sweeten it a bit, try putting in some sugar, honey or a slice of lemon. You may even add ilk similar to those who drink coffee.

You can have a snack whenever you feel like drinking Black Tea. This is great to have with biscuits, cake or cookies. This will even be better if you decide to have this before you go to work, as you are relaxing in the house or when you are entertaining visitors.

Black Tea does not always have to be served with hot water. You can enjoy a cold glass by adding some ice and honey. One alcoholic concoction is punch and for that, you will need some orange juice, apple juice, mint, gingerale and some rum.

It is also great to serve with egg nog by mixing some eggs, ground nutmeg, milk, vanilla extract, salt and whip cream.

Aside from these three drinks, there are other mixtures you can make with Black Tea. All you have to do is read up on it and try out a few experiments on your own. That way, you have something healthier to offer yourself and guests whenever you have someone over.

Black Tea is very popular which is why a lot of people drink it. While some prefer this over coffee, little do they know that doctors and other health professionals consider it as health drink.



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