Detoxify Your Body: Which Approach To Take?

Do you want to cleanse or detoxify your body? If so, you will find that you have a number of options. There are many ways to detoxify your body, but which approach is right for you?

When it comes to a detox diet, you will find a lot of information and sample plans online. You can see this just by performing a standard internet search. Although the goal of detoxification and a detox diet are the same, you will find a lot of varying information. For example, some professionals recommend simply just stripping foods and drinks with unnatural additives from your diet. On the other hand, some go as far to suggest water fasting or the popular Master Cleanse. As for whether or not a detox diet is right for you, it depends on which approach you opt to take.

One of the safest ways to detoxify your body is to modify your diet. For example, are you a diet soda drinker? If so, you are putting a lot of unnatural chemicals into your body. Although it is not stated that you need to give up drinking diet soda completely, it is recommended that you stop drinking for a detox or cleanse. This is because you cannot effectively cleanse your body while still consuming unnatural additives.

In keeping with altering your diet, it is recommended that you consume foods that are high in fiber. Fiber will help to improve your digestive system. This will allow the expelling of toxins from your body. Foods that are high in fiber include spilt peas, black beans, lima beans, artichoke, and raspberries. In addition to adding extra fiber to your diet, increased water consumption is recommended.

Water fasting is another form of detoxification that is popular. With that said, water fasting is not as safe as restricting your diet. This is due in part to the complete elimination of foods. With water fasting, only water in consumed. In terms of safety, many take part in water fasts for religious purposes. This has occurred safely for years. Despite this, a water fast is not recommended for everyone. Those with health conditions or dietary needs are advised against participating in water fast, unless under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Similar to water fasting is juice fasting. Juice fasting relies on the consumption of juice only. Those who opt for a juice fast need to consume all-natural juice, with no additives. Many prefer using a juicer to create their own unique and tasty blends of juice. Popular choices include wheatgrass juice, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and herb juice.

The Master Cleanse is another detoxification or cleansing option that has increased in popularity due to celebrity participation in recent years. On the Master Cleanse, no solid foods are consumed. Drinks are made from grade b maple syrup, lemon juice, water, and cayenne pepper. Since some nutrients are provided, many find this approach easier to adjust to than a water or juice fast.

As for the length of detox diets, you will find that they vary. With water fasting alone, it is common to find those who fast for a little as three days, but for up to a week. The length of your detox diet should depend on the approach you take. Restricting your diet to all-natural foods is something your body can get use to overtime and there is added health benefits. With that said, you can still benefit from restricting your diet to all-natural foods even just for a week. As for water fasting and juice fasting, seven days is often regarded as the maximum. The best advice is to ask a healthcare professional.

At the conclusion of your detox diet, you will be faced with a huge decision. That decision is how you want to proceed. There are many who return to their normal diets, which may include processed foods with unnatural additives. These individuals often opt to detoxify their body once or twice a year. On the other hand, you can decide to make a change. Switching to organic foods or simply just limiting the processed foods you consume can do wonders for your overall health all year long.



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